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"The most valuable victory is always in the future"
Tuesday, 28 April 2009
280409_ivanchuk.jpgTop grandmasters speaking about the most significant success in their life

Vassily Ivanchuk: A professional chess player should always have an aspiration for new victories. If you consider a certain victory the most valuable one, than you lessen that aspiration. I just try not to think about it. The most valuable victory is always in the future.

Gata Kamsky: I used to have a lot of victories at tournaments and matches. That time can not even be compared with the present.
The chess players have also changed. Recently I had only one great success when I won the World Cup. My friend Emil Sutovsky helped me there. And my previous victories remain in the past.

Peter Svidler: It is difficult to choose one victory. As for me, probably, my most significant victory was at the Russian Championship in 1994. Without this victory I wouldn’t be able to play in my country’s Olympic team. This victory can be said to be the beginning of my chess career. I began to play in the Russian combined team, got acquainted with great people, played for one team with Kasparov. It was a great event for me back then. And the Olympic victory was in the same year. The first victory is the most precious and it has a special place.
Vladimir Akopian: Well, there were victories in youth contests, three World Championships – before I became 16, 18, 20 years old, and the great success in 1999 when I became the vice-champion in Las Vegas.
But I think there are no achievements that can be compared with the fact that the combined team of Armenia, in which I also played, has become the Olympic Champion twice.

Alexander Grischuk: There are two victories that are especially important for me: when I became World Blitz Champion and when our team beat the Chinese team. We needed to make the score 3.5:0.5 to win first place and they needed only a 1:3 score. But we scored 3.5 and became the Olympic Champions.

Rustam Kasimdzhanov: It is not difficult for me to answer this question. I won the World Championship in Tripoli in 2004 after that I haven`t had any victories that can be compared with that success.

Levon Aronian: My first success – the World Cup in 2005 – is the most significant for me.

Evgeny Alekseev:
The most significant victory for me was the victory at the Russian Championship. After that I had a big leap and better results.

Sergei Karjakin: My best achievements are the victory at the European Youth Championship, at the World Youth Championship and that I became the youngest grandmaster in the world. When I was playing for Ukraine I scored 6.5 out of 7 and we became the Olympic Champions.

Etienne Bacrot: My best achievement is the victory in the “Aeroflot open” tournament in Moscow this year.

Pavel Eljanov:
In 2007 I won the Tournament “B” in Wijk aan Zee. And I also became Olympic Champion in the Ukraine combined team in 2004. These victories are most significant to me.

Peter Leko: There are many nice moments in my career. Of course, the most significant was the year of 2002 when I won the Candidates Tournament in Dortmund. I was also glad to get an opportunity to play a World Championship match against Kramnik. It was very pleasant for me to win in Linares in 2003. But it is not important what tournament you win, it is important that you keep on winning.
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