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Long live to the King!
Wednesday, 29 April 2009
300409_aronian.jpgThe winners of the 4th FIDE Grand Prix tournament were celebrated in the Music Theatre of the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria.
The chief arbiter Vyacheslav Namruev announced the official results of the tournaments. He pointed out that the 14 chess players of the 20 strongest grandmasters of the world gathered in Nalchik. The events of this round of the FIDE Grand Prix were watched in many countries of the world. The last day the Grand Prix cite was visited by users from 150 countries of the world. The uncompromising battle was going on up to the last day. The winner of the 4th round of the FIDE Grand Prix is Levon Aronyan from Armenia.
The plastic card with the prize sum was presented to the winner by the FIDE Commercial Director Geoffrey Borg, the head of the KBR government Andrew Yarin and the minister of sport and tourism of KBR Aslan Afaunov.
Levon Aronyan in his turn thanked the organizers of the contest and said: “I have spent wonderful days here. When I was going to Nalchik my parents told me that people are very friendly and hospitable here. Nalchik is a perfect place for holding chess tournaments”. The winner was put on a national Caucasian White felt cloak and the singers sang a song “Vivat to king, vivat!”
All the participants were presented memorable awards: Gata Kamsky for his “Will to victory“, Rustam Kasimdzhanov was called “Chess Ciceron”, Shakhriyar Mamedyarov became an “ All-round developed sportsmen”, “The prize of the viewers sympathies” went to Vassily Ivanchuk.
See the pictorial album of the Closing ceremony .

Videos from Nalchik
Wednesday, 29 April 2009
One more time we put the videos also on the homepage, so that nobody will miss the collection of best moments from the press conferences. The players explain in detail how the game went, where the mistakes were made and which were the crucial moments, all combined with diagrams. Enjoy!

Grand Prix FIDE tournament in Nalchik has won Levon Aronian
Wednesday, 29 April 2009
290409_aronian-1.jpgLevon Aronian became the winner of the fourth Grand Prix FIDE tournament which has come to the end in Nalchik. Having won in last round against Hungarian Peter Leko, the Armenian grandmaster has scored 8,5 points out of 13 and on one point has bypassed Leko and the compatriot Vladimir Akopian whom shared 2th and 3th 3 places with 7,5 points.
After this tournament Aronian has moved on the third place in the general Grand Prix standings following Teimur Radzhabov and Alexander Grischuk and became one of the main applicants for a victory in the series.
Final standings of the fourth Grand Prix FIDE tournament.
We haven’t known that such beautiful places exists
Wednesday, 29 April 2009
290409_nalchik.jpgThe grandmasters speaking about Kabardino-Balkaria

Vladimir Akopian: I liked this place very much. We visit different countries and cities but we haven’t known that you have such beautiful places. I really liked them and the air. This place is quiet. Yesterday we visited a hypermarket. I saw such big shops only when I was abroad. I liked the town very much. It is neither big nor small. More over the weather is fine here. We go for walks very often with great pleasure. If I have any opportunity to come here just to have some rest, I will come with great pleasure.

Boris Gelfand: I liked Nalchik very much too. The town is wonderful. The air is remarkably fresh; here are beautiful parks and wonderful nature. We are given cordial welcome here that happens quiet seldom nowadays.

Rustam Kasimdzhanov: Of course, everything is all right. I am not so successful at the tournament as my today`s rival Peter Leko. But in general the organization of the tournament is on the high level. Life and playing conditions are decent. There were no problems with people too.

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