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"It is always interesting to hear a new opinion"
Thursday, 23 April 2009
220409_aronian.jpgTop grandmasters speaking about seconds

Levon Aronian (his second at the tournament: Gabriel Sargissian).
I prefer to have a second at tournaments; a good second is of great use.
I like to work with people. It is always interesting to hear a new opinion. In fact I work with people whom I find interesting.

Alexander Grischuk
I don`t have a second at this tournament. I feel comfortable without. First, it is not so easy to find a proper person. Moreover, now there are so many tournaments and almost everybody is busy. But if there is an opportunity to take a good second I do it with pleasure. I don`t like the system of taking a second just to have one.

Shakhriyar Mamedyarov
I came here with my father. The peculiarity of such contests is that you must prepare yourself before the tournament starts. But it seems to me that one doesn’t need any special help during the tournament. And my farther helps me physically and psychologically.

Vladimir Akopian (second: Sergey Galdunts)
I seldom go to tournaments with seconds. Maybe it is so because I don’t play round-robins so often. Before, I used to go to different championships with my father. I also used to go with Arshak Petrosyan; he helped me as a coach. But it was long ago. This time, after Elista, I realized that although a second can help in chess, it's also the case that it is much more pleasant when there are two of us. That`s why one often takes somebody who is close to him mentally; it doesn't have to be  a professional chess player. I find it more comfortable to have a person whom I can trust. Maybe somebody needs some help concerning chess; I don`t need any special help because I can do it myself. It is much more important to have a person whom I can trust.

Rustam Kasimdzhanov (second: Daniel Fridman)
The work in the Anand team helped me a lot in my career. When you deal with such a chess player you begin to understand what kind of training you should have to play on the high level. I don`t say that I have reached this level, but I know what to strive for.

Peter Svidler
I came to Nalchik without a second. I wish Sasha Motylev was here to help me but he couldn`t come here. He is an active chess player and he has his own tournament schedule. As for me, I need a second, first of all, to keep my head clear during the thirteen rounds of the tournament.
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